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Safety helmets have different categories and types, which in this article we intend to increase your information for you by defining and reviewing the best helmet to buy the best type. In the text of the month, we have brought a lot of information close to topics such as 3m safety helmet hard helmet best hard hats white safety helmet Help make the right choice.

Best Saftey Helmet Market

What are the Different Types of Helmets?

What are the Different Types of Helmets? Observing safety tips and maintaining personal health is one of the requirements of any profession that must be observed. In many jobs and even daily activities, there is the possibility of physical injuries that can be minimized by using safety equipment such as work clothes, masks, glasses, earphones and safety shoes, and the like.

One of the safety devices that prevent irreparable damage is the helmet. A helmet is a work helmet that is used to protect the head from being hit or hit by a heavy object on the head, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to provide it for all workers. In the following, we will become more familiar with the types of industrial helmets and their applications.

There are different types of work helmets and they are divided into several bases; But in general and popularly in Iran, industrial hats are divided into two categories: engineering and labor. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) division, two types of helmets are produced:

Type I: Mostly used in the United States and protects the top of the head.

Type II: It is mostly used in Europe and protects the area around the head.

Industrial helmet classification by type of occupation:

Class A or (Class G): This type of helmet protects the user from the impact and is used in jobs such as mines, factories, and construction workshops.

Class B or (Class E): Class B helmets protect the head from shock, burns, and electric shock and are suitable for jobs with high currents.

Class C: This type of helmet has a less protective effect than the other two categories and does not protect the head against electric shock and impact. This cap is widely used in jobs such as refineries and chemical workshops.

Classification of work helmets based on material and the outer covering


The carbon helmet is made of polycarbonate and is the lightest and most durable helmet cover that absorbs the impact energy that hits the helmet.

Plastic and nylon

Plastic industrial hats are more suitable than other hats in terms of comfort and ventilation, and their strength depends on the material of the inside of the hat.


Fiberglass caps are heat resistant and are very suitable for industries that deal with high temperatures. Fiberglass industrial caps have high strength but do not have very good ventilation compared to other caps.

First Line of Defense Against Head Injuries!

First Line of Defense Against Head Injuries! When choosing this safety product and answering the question, what kind of safety helmet should we buy? It is important to consider several different factors. The most important issue is the type of activity and choosing the right type of hat.

The expected protection of a helmet varies depending on the type of activity of the individual. For example, building helmets can not be used for agricultural work and vice versa.

Head size and ease of use of this product are also important features that need to be considered when buying. For example, for a person who is going to use this safety device for a long time, the helmet should be light so that it is easier to move, put on and take off.

Waterproof and lightweight caps are also very important.

Helmet: Protecting workers from head injuries is a key part of any safety program. Wearing a helmet is the easiest way to protect workers from injury. Helmets can protect workers from the dangers of collisions, electric shocks, and burns. Injuries to the head injuries to the head in the workplace can occur in the following cases. Collision or falling of objects on the headed collision with fixed objects such as pipes and beams accidental head contact or contact with sources of electric shock hazard Stuck and pulled the hair of devices by rotating or moving parts construction workers, carpenters, firefighters, electrical technicians, plumbers, welders, plumbers are examples of jobs that should use helmets. Features a standard helmet Ů‚esistant to the penetration of objects absorb shock water-resistant and slow-burning ability have simple and clear instructions that explain how to properly adjust and replace the headband and hinge. In general, these helmets should have a strong outer shell and a layer of shock-absorbing liner. Inside the hat, a strap or strap should be placed around the head, to keep the outer shell of the hat suspended at a distance of 3.58-5.5 cm from the head. This helmet design absorbs shock during impact and ventilation under the helmet while wearing the helmet. What is a helmet and what is it used for?

Best Safety Helmet for Construction

Best Safety Helmet for Construction The color of the helmet, in addition to indicating the type of use of the helmet, can also determine the role of the individual in the workplace.

Apart from the safety issue, there are other reasons for color-coding helmets. Suppose you have a power problem on the first floor and you want to notify the person in charge so that the power is cut off. If you can easily identify the person from the crowd, you can easily instruct them to cut off the power supply. The color of the helmet also prevents unnecessary delays in emergencies.

Although this color coding system varies from country to country and even across organizations, there are a few basic rules that can help you identify people in an environment by the color of their hats:

White: Project managers, managers, engineers, or supervisors typically wear white hats in the workplace.

Yellow: The yellow hat is used by general workers and operators.

Blue: Carpenters and other technical operators, including electricians, typically wear blue hard hats.

Green: The green hat often represents the safety inspector but can also be used by new project workers or test staff.

Orange: Forklifts or traffic police use this hat color.

Red: Firefighters usually wear hard hats with full labels.

Brown: The brown cap is used by welders and other workers in high-temperature environments.

Gray: A gray hat is a hat that project visitors often use, and if employees forget their hat, there is often a light pink helmet on site that should be worn.

Buying Industrial Safety Helmet in Best Price

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