Hiking Safety Shoes at Production Price

Hiking Safety Shoes are one of the most popular and widely used shoes in the industry. These shoes are generally used for high-risk jobs and are considered safety tools and necessities for many jobs. Therefore, providing these shoes for employees of companies and high-risk jobs has always been an important issue for company managers and not buying the right shoes can cause irreparable damage to employees.

Hiking Safety Shoes at Production Price

How to Choose Hiking Safety Shoes?

How to Choose Hiking Safety Shoes? Hiking Safety Shoes have numerous applications in high-risk industries and jobs, but the choice of these shoes must be done carefully because the use of inappropriate shoes will not protect employees’ feet well in situations of danger, more on how to choose We will mention a suitable shoe.

the main question is: Which safety shoes are of the right quality for me?

The answer to this question will help you to buy the best safety shoes. Your work environment is crucial. This series of shoes is for chemical environments (anti-acid), slippery environments (anti-slip) and high-temperature environments (fireproof) where people move objects (toe). Steel) and shockproof are also suitable for forest or rocky areas.

There are some things to keep in mind when buying shoes.

  • Do not buy cape shoes in the hope that they will fit and if you have a large foot and the shoes were available in a larger size (for example, your foot is 40 and size 41 was available), order the same larger size, but the shoes should not be much larger than your feet.
  • Go shopping in the afternoon and wear socks when testing.
  • In the hot season when the temperature of the foot rises, it is recommended to provide breathable shoes and thin socks (not too thin) with large holes so that your feet do not retain moisture.
  • Do not buy too heavy shoes.
  • Make sure the shoes are standard and avoid buying poor quality shoes because they are a bit more expensive, which is a health issue.
  • Do not use safety shoes without toes as walking and running shoes or mountaineering shoes that will damage your body.

Components of Hiking Safety Shoes

Components of Hiking Safety Shoes

1-Toe protector: One of the most vulnerable parts of the foot is the toes, which can cause injury to the toes if an object falls on the foot. Do not worry about this even with one or more protective layers on the toe.

2- Claw protective metal layer: They use support to protect the claw many times over.

3- The soft layer of PVC is a kind of protective layer and is easy to set up due to the soft cover.

4 – The middle layer of shoes in this model is made of fiber for strength and comfort.

5 – Flexible and soft layer that covers the upper half and front of the shoe. 6- Soft and flexible structure in the insole that multiplies the comfort of the shoe.

6- Soft and flexible structure in the insole that multiplies the comfort of the shoe.

7- Double and comfortable insole with elasticity made of Eva, which has a cushion in the arch and heel.

8- Breathable and antibacterial primer.

10 – Shoe collar with anti-shock layer.

11 – The outer part of the back of the heel is made of durable materials.

12 – Cumin is a non-slip material, anti-sinking sharp objects such as nails, waterproof, chemical and permeability

The Sellers of Hiking Safety Shoes

The Sellers of Hiking Safety Shoes Fartosafetywear site is one of the top Hiking Shoes Sellers for buying shoes in Iran and it can offer you a Great Fitting Shoe. Also, Safety Shoes Material The shoes of this site are from the highest quality materials available.

Dear customer, if you want to import these shoes in bulk scales to your country, you can enter your information on the site then our operators will contact you as soon as possible and while providing sales advice and product listings to you, place your order.

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