Safety Cap to Export in Bulk

The safety cap is one of the most important types of safety equipment. The production and production of safety cap is done in accordance with international standards in Iran. The products produced in Iran have a high quality and international standards have been observed in them. Our neighboring countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Georgia, Oman are all good targets for helmet exports.

Safety Cap to Export in Bulk

Can you Wear Safety Caps on Building?

Can you Wear Safety Caps on Building? A safety cap is the most important part of workplace safety equipment. The head as the main part of the body needs protection in any situation. Now, if people are working in an environment where they may be hit in the head by falling, colliding with objects, falling, and having an accident, it becomes necessary to wear a safety cap. Nowadays, due to the importance of this issue, different types of safety cap have been produced for different jobs, and it is recommended that each person use a special cap for his work according to his activity, so that his head and neck are seriously injured at the time of the accident. Safety cap today are produced in different types and different types of safety cap are designed in different colors and each color represents a specific theme.

Semi-finished buildings are a dangerous place to work. At any moment, people’s lives may be endangered with the slightest mistake. Therefore, the use of building safety caps is essential for workers, engineers and supervisors. By wearing a best safety cap, you can protect your head and neck to a large extent against falling heavy objects, falling from a height, and so on. Special building hats are produced in different colors and different people use their own special color according to their work and duties.

A safety cap is one of the safety equipment used in construction workshops, mines and many other jobs that require head protection. The safety cap has a polycarbonate body. This safety cap is one of the choices of most construction workshops.

Heterman cap: It have soft chin strap and quality fittings, has been able to receive the necessary standards and is one of the helmet options. The Heterman helmet has been in production for many years and has been able to increase its quality over the years.

Persian cap: It is one of the most popular domestically produced helmets. May, due to its many advantages, has been able to become an export product. Persian helmet has an abs body and is resistant to X-rays and sunlight. Air circulation in it, installation of all necessary equipment on it and the use of appropriate fittings are reasons for choosing a Persian safety helmet.

What Protection Do Hard Hats Offer?

What Protection Do Hard Hats Offer? Head wounds are regularly genuine and all-around very frequently hazardous. It is significant when working in unsafe businesses, you and your representatives are ensured with some type of head security, for example, a hard black safety hat or a blue safety cap. Hard hats are totally different bits of PPE from caps and the two of them perform distinctive security capacities, so it is significant you comprehend the contrasts between them. Every year around 65,000 needs downtime of work because of head wounds. North of 1,000 specialists kicks the bucket from wounds supported at work. Do you know the contrast between knock covers and hard caps?

Safety caps are safety equipment that protects the wearer from minor head bumps and lacerations, but not from falling or flying objects. You should use safety caps when there is a risk of impact between the head and stationary objects such as low ceilings, the underside of a vehicle, for mechanics, and overhead piping. It is the bump cap’s removable safety insert that protects the head and not the fabric cap itself. This allows for easy cleaning and customization techniques such as embroidery. When there is a risk of impact with moving objects, we must use a hard hat.

A safety cap is one of the most important safety equipment. In general, safety equipment is divided into two categories.

  • Equipment that must be installed in hazardous environments.
  • Equipment that must be worn by people active in hazardous environments.

Equipment that must be worn by employees in the workplace is called personal safety equipment or PPE. People will use this equipment to protect themselves in dangerous situations. A cap that protects the health of the head and neck is one of the most important PPE safety equipment.

Why Do Road Workers Wear Safety Cap?

Why Do Road Workers Wear Safety Cap? Wearing a safety cap is mandatory Wearing a safety cap at work is not only important but necessary. According to the safety and health plan management instructions, the use of personal protective equipment is mandatory and the use of helmets is mandatory for all employees where there is a risk of injury. Head injury protection caps are designed to fully protect workers from severe blows to the head, electric shocks, and penetrating injuries, which can be caused by falling heavy objects. Caps also protect you from damage to fixed objects and electrical conductors that may cause damage. Protection against slipping, falling Whether you work in the construction industry or in the oil industry, slippery surfaces are very common.

Wearing a cap when working in a moving place or a chemical unit ensures protection against severe head injuries that can be caused by slipping, falling. Increased probability of survival in accidents severe accidents are likely to occur in a work unit. In such a situation, if the worker is wearing a cap, the possibility of serious injury or injury is minimized. Improves the field of vision of employees, if a worker wears a strong reflective helmet, he will have a wider field of view, and the cap will also help identify employees working day and night.

Different colored caps can also distinguish visitors or unemployed people entering the workplace. Caps come in a variety of colors that represent the different designs of people in the workplace. Supervisors are not always aware of all the people who work in the workplace, so distinguishing the color of the cap makes it easier to identify them.

  • White: For managers, competent agents, and vehicle agents
  • Black: For the supervisor
  • Yellow: Workers
  • Gray: Workplace Visitors
  • Red: Firefighters
  • Green: Security officers
  • Blue: Electricians, carpenters, and other technical agents

Best Safety Cap for sale

Best Safety Cap for sale The materials used in making the helmet, whether the helmet is Iranian or foreign, the features that are attached to the helmet or the possibility of connecting them to the helmet have a great impact on the price of the helmet. One of the most important parts of a helmet that directly affects its price is the fittings used in its construction. Yaraq is responsible for protecting the head against impact. The more firmly designed the helmet fittings, the higher the price of the product.

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