safety shoes for women steel toe

Men and women are equal. Hearing this sentence in 21 century and the flow of technology and media, is not something weird or unheard. One can name thousands of examples of men and women equality. But in industry, where nobody even thinks of it, we have lots of instances involving women in industry. The lion share of safety must be conducted in industry as the workmanship and one example and the barest rudiment for doing so is to protect your feet from harms. Safety shoes equipped with steel toe are on top category of safety accessories. These shoes are graded based on the place of use. In accordance to ILO (International Labor Organization) declaration, almost 95 percent of workplace casualties are for men. As for the women who work in industry, agriculture, mining, fishing and etc. So, the importance of safety shoes is top urgent for both men and women. The basic type of safety shoes for women are steel toe which is equipped with steel under the vamp that can bear 200 joules, means if an object from height 1.5 meter with the weight of 200 kilogram drops on them, there would be no harm for the user.

safety shoes for women

Safety of women protects men. Those who work in industry, must wear safety shoes for their own good and the society. Women’s’ safety shoes are more like normal shoes and sneakers in face. They are produced eighter in ankle boots and boots and. For those their workplace is dangerous, like supervising engineers in construction sites, architects or restoration of monuments are really useful. Since safety shoes are made of genuine and high-quality material, feet are so convenient in these shoes and the inner layer is made of non-plastic materials with air circulation porous. The feet don’t smell in these shoes due to the constant air circulation. Even though safety shoes are more likely impervious against types of liquids and oils and have anti shock and isolator property, they are light in weight and its easy to walk in them. The weight of these shoes depends on type of the shoe. Shoes that are resistant against shock and corrosives and electric shocks are a bit heavier in comparison to those resistant to impact. To save women, to save the society, because women are the main unit of a society and a bond for families.

safety shoes steel toe womens

women active in industry are more stylish. Safety shoes style for womens, even facilitate with steel toe, are still trendy and catchy in some types. They normally weighted from 2.5 to 3 kilograms, However, womens’ ankle boots are slightly heavier and have an average weight of 3.5 to 4 kilograms. They must be laced to be worn quickly, besides, they are more firm and rigid and won’t depart in the case of emergency. Due to their quality and stability, their maintenance is really easy and won’t get spoiled by repetitive washing. Women’s safety shoes’ lifespan exceeds 5 years. Because these days safety shoes are made so light with grooved insole, not only you can wear them at your workplace, but also you can use them for trekking and climbing the mountains. Unfortunately, safety shoes for both men and women suffer from lack of colors and their spectrum is limited to black or khaki, also their insole is the same color as their vamps. To conclude, having brave and strong women is not in contrary to their elegance and delicacy, so they can be handling excruciating task and also be stylish at the same time!

safety shoes steel toe womens

ladies safety shoes

Women’s Physical weaknesses are their place of challenge. Working ladies in industry wear safety shoes in accordance to the obligations of ILO to protect themselves in the first place and then, their families. Of great properties for women safety shoes, is their convenience and accordance of the size to the feet. If the purchased safety shoes are genuine, they will protect your feet at the maximum level against impacts and possible hazards. Pure safety shoes are normally distributed in sealed boxes delivered to you and name of producer is written of the shoe box, further, after unboxing the shoes, if you investigate the insole, you can see the producer and manufacturers’ name and brand. Of other features to mention for women’s safety shoes, is their incredible tidy swing and are also sewn mostly by hand or using high resistant special waterproof glue, Therefor, if the shoes weren’t hand-sewn, there is this resistant glue to double protect them in any case. Integrated lace holes with united sizes in circular shape have been made and been presses some iron isolated circle to avoid laces been torn apart as you tighten the laces up. All women ankle boots have the two centimeters height heel and insole and they are made of genuine orthopedic womens’ safety shoes insoles.

formal safety shoes

being Stylish at work in not an irony. Safety shoes have limitation in color like formal clothes. Now what if we want a safety shoe which in the same time has the characteristics of a casual formal shoes too. The answer to that question is yes. Some managers or foremen have to be in both industrial areas like storages, production line and factories which has more hazards, at the same time, they have to be presented in offices and meeting for reportage. So, they need safety shoes that have both safety characteristics and resistance, also, be having formal style and office friendly. To do so, some manufacturers by inspiring casual shoes, have decided to make safety shoes with all the characteristics one can expect from, with the style and design of the casual formal shoes. The result was phenomenal and by paying some extra money, this idea has become part of the market of safety shoes.  Summarizing, being two diverse things at the same time, yet resembles hard and also challenging task for producers to value them evaluate their capabilities and qualities.

formal safety shoes

safety shoes for men

Facing dangers is men’s duty in almost any country. For men who their safety is important, buying shoes can be a challenge. This equipment is a necessity for anyone who his or her job place is in hazardous area. No matter you are buying them from your local market or you are using foreign safety shoes, they both are standard and of high quality. The only thing about them is the acceptance and license taken from Labor Ministry. We must bear in our mind and be cautious about fake safety shoes or high copy ones. These fake shoes giving the look the same as original ones but with a lot less quality and some missing properties that might be crucial in bind that might be no hope getting rid of them. Hazardous workplaces differ from each other in case of the production. For instance, those who work in die cast company or steel company should buy different shoes than those working in electronic area. To classify these types of shoes, you should put the dangers in a list. Long story short, men with preparation are those who face the danger and manage to survive.

mens safety shoes size 9.5

shoes change in size, but they may make a change in your life. mens safety shoes are in size 6 to 15 and the style differs in case, where you want to use them. Safety shoes with steel for integrated and insole made of TPU are applicable in heavy duties like building construction and applicable in different industries. They are in two different designs. Ankle boot and boot.  First one is use as shoes and the second one as the boots. The vamp of these safety shoes is made of genuine cow’s leather which is a lot more resistant to any chemicals or corrosives and it is also so flexible and can shape your feet to feel as convenient as possible.  The insole is made of TPU which it has been injected in the process of production to give the best performance and protection for its users. The insoles must pass some examinations such as shoe insole test, insole bending test which is to make sure the insole is flexible and can protect users’ feet from hazards in their work place. Third, their resistance against weak acids. Four, anti-slide insole. Evidently, safety shoes have saved thousands of worker from injury and disability since their obligatory usage day and are doing so now and then.

mens safety shoes size 9.5

safety shoes orthopedic

Remaining safe is our lifetime wish. Orthopedic shoes, and of course safety shoes producer’s slogan have shown the same goal, protecting our body. To do so, these shoes must be having some specification and licenses from industry minister offices or organizations. Some of these tests are:

They must be anti-electronic shock, means while you are working in a workplace with hazard of electricity shock, you would better to avoid working there or wear anti-shock safety shoes. Or if you work in soapy or slippery surface, you must wear anti-slip safety shoes. The same story goes when you are in oil and its production workplace which needs to have traction by selecting right safety shoes. Over all mentioned important properties for safety shoes, and regards long hour of wearing them is to be orthopedic to save your skeleton and backbone and refrain from pain after hours of consequent constant working. Of God given gifts, the greatest one is health which is given once and some injuries may deprive us from, for whole remaining time, so we must be cautious and careful in every minute.

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